“The driving force behind the Statehood movement is the pursuit of equality for 3.2 million U.S. citizens who, because they live in colonial Puerto Rico, are treated as second-class citizens and are politically disenfranchised and hampered in their economic growth.”

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Fill the following Petition of Statehood for Puerto Rico to send Congressman's and Senator, requesting they take action now.  If we come together as one, our voices will be heard and together we'll make history.


Educating the public and all stakeholders about the political and economic inequalities Puerto Ricans have suffered for over a century is an essential part of our mission.  Your donations will enable us to improve our outreach efforts, spread our base of operation and increase our lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C.   Your support will make it possible for Igualdad to continue holding monthly educational forums, and create informative brochures and advertising to help us disseminate our ongoing efforts in favor of statehood for over 3.2 million American citizens who, because they reside in Puerto Rico, are treated like second-class citizens, denied the right to vote for the U.S. President and representation in Congress.                    


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